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Глазырина Елена Александровна
МБОУ УСОШ №1 им. А. С. Попова
Учитель Амосова Раиса Зайдуллавена

My name is Alyona. I’d like to tell you about my birthplace. I live in a town called Udomlya. It’s very little but it has an ancient history. At first the word “Udomlya” as a local name was mentioned in the chronicles of Velikiy Novgorod in 1478 . Udomlya meant “consisting of parts” (“ud”- is a part) in an old church Slavonic language. This describes appearance of the lake which around the settlement developed many years ago. It was founded in 1869 as a settlement around the railway station of Troitsa. Urban-type settlement status was conferred to it in 1961. In 1974, construction of the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant started in Udomlya. Town status was given to Udomlya in 1981. This town is situated in Tver region in 120 kilometers from Tver. Our area is rich in rivers and lakes which number nearly one hundred. The famous of them are Udomlya, Pes’vo, Kubycha. All of lakes are very picturesque and are favourite resting places for holidaymakers not only of our district but also nearby ones.
My native town lives and prospers due to The KNPP (Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant). The last fourth power generating unit was run in 2011. The area is related to such famous people as VenetsianovA., Levitan I., Soroka G. which lived and created here. Not far away from Udomlya there is a place of Venetsianov’s death.
I study in the 7th form of Udomlya comprehensive school №1. It’s one of the oldest school and has very deep historical roots. It was founded in 1909 as a Zemstvo school where only two teachers taught. Some years later it was named Integrated working people school. The school is closely related to an inventor of radio A. Popov. Since 1923 his wife and his children have taught some subjects there. During the Great Patriotic War it is used as a hospital for Soviet Solders. In 1963 the school was named after A.S.Popov. Last year it was restructured by force of joining psychoeducational school of rehabilitation and correction.

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