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We would like to start the story about our home town with thanks words to the organizers of the contest. We can’t miss the chance to take part in such great work like creation of Interactive Map of Russia. We are a group of 4 from West Siberia, Tomsk city, MБОУ СОШ № 36 : Лаврова Екатерина (8Б)is fond of art Милькевич Михаил (8Б) plays football, Гудочкина Анна (5А) sings very well, Саморокова Татьяна (5Б) likes dancing a lot and we all like English.

We live in a great country with huge number of cities. Without doubt each city has its own history, culture and traditions. We can name facts and figures, but what you can see behind them? Look at the photo! Tomsk is famous for wooden architecture. There are many historical buildings made of wood, one of the most surprising is in Krasnoarmeyskaya 68. Walls of this two-storeyed building are decorated by wooden details of blue color. The house has been constructed under the project of Tomsk artist-architect V.Orzheshko in the beginning of the last century. Local residents name this building "the house with dragons" Seven heads of a mysterious animal decorate a roof and a peak over an input. Have you ever seen Tomsk emblem?
The well-known emblem of Tomsk is a silver horse on the green background with a golden crow above it. It was made in 1804. The life at that time was very difficult in Siberia, the roads were awful and very long. There were no cars, buses or trolley-buses there. Only horses, the great helpers of people. Life without them was impossible. And the horse became the symbol of our town.
Many well known people came to Tomsk in different times. A.P.Chehov in 1890 did not like it, but we like him, read his books and make photos at his monument(it was opened in 2004).
Tomsk is a cultural centre of Siberia. There are several theatres, concert halls, museums in Tomsk and we often visit them. We’d like to end our essay about Tomsk with the words of former governor of Tomsk region V.M.Kress (he finished his 20 years’ career in March 2012) : “the water of Tomsk springs is the most clean, the wheat of Tomsk fields is the most delicious, the people of Tomsk region is the best !’’

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