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Surgut, sights of Surgut

Булгаков Данил Дмитриевич, ученик 6А класса,
МБОУ СОШ №10 с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов,
город Сургут
Алиева Афак Салех кызы, учитель английского языка.

Surgut is the largest city of Khanty- Mansiysky Okrug. Surgut possesses picturesque beauty which sometimes bewitches inhabitants. To know why it draws attention to itself, let's make small walk around the city. In the territory of “Old Surgut” we can make a trip to the past and see with our own eyes the wooden architecture existing on border of the XIX-XX centuries. There is one more place of interest Museum “Merchant Estate”. This estate is a mirror which reflects life of the prosperous population living in the territory of Surgut at a turn of the XIX-XX centuries. When we cross the threshold of this estate, we step over boring ordinary life and appear in the past, at the end of the XIX century. There is a big 15-meter monument erected in honor of people, taking part in formation of Surgut, which is located in the city centre. In order to change the atmosphere and to be inspired with ancient England, we can walk to the walls of “Surgut Big Ben” being an absolute and unique copy of an English tower known around the world. There is a school of foreign languages in the territory of this building.
Everyone can see the bridge which due to its impressive parameters was included in the Guinness Book of Records. This Bridge stretches through the river Ob and strikes with its originality and extraordinary beauty which leaves indelible impression in memory. People believing in god can visit The Temple of The Transfiguration which is the architectural masterpiece which does not have analogs. Here it is possible to have a rest, to stay alone with your thoughts, to forget about a habitual tempo of life which often doesn't give the chance to see beauty surrounding us everywhere.

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