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Surgut, lucrative place

Каталкова Диана Дмитриевна, ученица 7Г класса,
МБОУ СОШ №10 с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов, город Сургут.
Алиева Афак Салех кызы, учитель английского языка.

Surgut is the administrative, industrial and cultural center of Khanty-Mansiysky Okrug. According to one of versions, the name of the city comes from the words "Sur" (fish) and «gut» (hole). The city is often called “Fish place”. Local history museum allows visitors to get acquainted with culture, traditions and history of the city. When we step across the threshold of local history museum and see the halls designed according to Hi-tech style, we can draw a conclusion that Surgut is the city which dynamically develops and doesn't intend to stop. Thanks to excavation carried out by strengths of teachers and students of Surgut State University, we can see unique archaeological collections. In 16 km from the city there is Barsova mountain where an ancient hantysky sanctuary existed. In the territory of Surgut the Holmogorsky treasure, an archaeological monument of history and culture where the unique collection of ancient relics (cult ornaments, iron-wares, daggers, knives and other arms) was found.
Climate is sharply continental: severe winter and short warm summer. The temperature can sharply change even within days. Monthly average temperature of January: -22 of C °, July +18 of C °. The city is located on the 61st parallel of northern latitude. The winter here lasts about seven months in a year — it must be considered, if you want to visit Surgut.

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