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Vitya Cherevichkin's park

Licee No 103, form 7e, Rostov-on-Don.
Teacher – Irina Anatolyevna Alexandrova

We live in one of the most remarkable cities of Russia – Rostov-on-Don. But its history is full of pain connected with the Great Patriotic War. One of the places which reminds us of it is Vitya Cherevichkin's park.
Vitya Cherevichkin was a passionate pigeon keeper. He could look at his pigeons flying in the sky for hours… The Germans occupied Rostov on November 21, 1941. They say, Vitya, who lived opposite the German headquarters, sent pigeons with notes to the town of Bataysk where there were Russian troops. That is why the Germans (during the second occupation) forbade residents of Rostov to keep radios and pigeons.
On November 28, 1941 Vitya decided to feed his pigeons. He left his house but after about half an hour was captured by a Fascist with a rifle. He took the boy to the shed where there were pigeons. Suddenly Vitya ran to the door of the shed, opened it and the pigeons flew out in the sky. They sat on the roof in a row. Vitya was taken to the German headquarters. In the evening a neighbour came to the Cherevichkins’ house. She said that she had seen the Fascists taking Vitya to Frunze park. The family found Vitya among the bodies of other killed Russian people there… The pigeons flew away the same day Vitya had been shot. They were sitting on the shed roof until dark, and in the morning there were no more of them…
In 1950 one of the parks in Rostov-on-Don was given Vitya Cherevichkin's name. It has been the only children’s park in Rostov region so far. Various activities for children are held in the park, there are also flower-shows and festive concerts. When we visit the park, we always go to his monument with flowers. We will always remember him, his love to our Motherland.

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