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Yaroslavl Region, Myshkin

Роман Хапилов – ученик 11А класса
ГБОУ СОШ №964, г. Москва
Крючкова Татьяна Юрьевна, Миронова Жанна Анатольевна.
Учителя английского языка

The city of Myshkin is located on the high left bank of the Volga. Scientists regard its foundation to the 12th century. Between the 15th and the 18h сenturies it belonged to different people. In 1777 Myshkin was given the status of a town and was made the region center. Later in 1778 the town was granted its coat of arms with a bear and a mouse on it. According to the legend the mouse saved Prince Mstyslavskiy from a poisonous snake bite and he ordered to build a town in the place of his miraculous rescue.
Modern Myshkin is a little provincial town full of history and traditions kept by its citizens with great care. Lots of museums prove the special love of the locals to their homeland.
The most famous of them is the” Mouse museum” devoted to a fairy-tale where anyone can return to his childhood and remember the kindest moments of his life.
The museum “Russkiye Valenky” is also one of the tourist attractions. The whole history of these national shoes is shown here. Some of the museum exhibits are real masterpieces of applied arts. You can not only watch but also buy this comfortable and warm Russian footwear here.
Among other places of interest are the exhibition of old samovars, the exhibition of dolls, the museum of famous football players brothers Butusov and one of the oldest public libraries.
And of course nobody can go by the “House of Handicraft” where local blacksmiths and potters show their skill and let every volunteer try his abilities.

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