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The Biruliovsky dendropark

Попова Ольга, студентка группы 3КВ-02
ГБОУ СПО г. Москвы Технический пожарно-спасательный колледж № 57
Преподаватель – Жарова Виктория Александровна

The Biruliovsky dendropark has a unique collection of plants. In 1938 with the help of the engineer V.K. Polozova there was founded a dendropark of ornamental trees and shrubs in Biryulevo.
Now it is the biggest in Moscow's nature reserve, which collected more than 250 different species of plants. Of course, the number of plant species of the arboretum is slightly less than the diversity of the Botanical garden. But it has its own special charm. Here you can feel a wonderful harmony with nature. It seems that this dendropark and Moscow are far from each other, if after the entrance to the park you find yourself far from any civilization and can fully feel the unity with the surrounding flora. Anyone can enter in the Biruliovsky the park and take a walk on the shady lanes, admire the flowering shrubs, majestic trees, take a walk through the picturesque birch groves, look at the exotic trees. Dendropark in Moscow is also interesting because it inhabited by several species of birds and animals, such as the weasel, squirrel, weasel, hare, long-eared owl, golden oriole, throttle, the bead and others. In Moscow arboretum there are collected not only the usual for our latitudes trees: birch, pine, linden, oak, aspen, poplar, elm and maple. There are some exotic, such as the Siberian fir, birch paper, white acacia, rough and many others.
The Biruliovsky Park is a great place for pleasant walks, family rest and acquaintance with nature. At the end of you tour you can visit the Paleontological museum to get acquainted with the ancient ancestors of modern plants and animals. Also there is an interesting gallery of Russian ice sculpture, in which there are a lot of sculptures, dedicated to the animals.

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