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The monument of Peter I

Чесных Станислав, студент группы 1ТО-05
ГБОУ СПО г. Москвы Технический пожарно-спасательный колледж № 57
Преподаватель – Жарова Виктория Александровна

The monument “300 years of Russian fleet”, which is more known as the monument to Peter I, was erected in 1997 it is a figure of Peter I at the wheel of ship on a high pedestal. It is placed in the river in the very center of Moscow, near the Kremlin.
This monument is the most disputable one in the capital. It's been done in traditions of monumental Georgian plastic arts. The place for the monument is thought to be improperly chosen and it is out of tune with surrounding architectural development. The relation of Peter's fleet to the Moskva-River is not clear either. Evil tongues say that Peter is the altered Columbus that was meant for erection in the USA to commemorate the 500th anniversary of discovery of America. But the monument did not blend into the plans of Americans. And then the monument author removed the crosses and replaced the head. In general the gift did not please Russians.
The monument of Peter I can be seen from the windows of one of the most fashionable five-star hotels in Moscow - “President-Hotel” that is located at the picturesque bank of the Moskva-River. Heads of states and governments of many countries in the world stay at that hotel. A magnificent panorama of Moscow and Kremlin can be viewed from the hotel windows and it gives the chance to guests to start getting acquainted with the Russian capital right from the hotel room.

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