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The Central museum of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia.

Рыжова Марина, студентка группы 2КВ-05
ГБОУ СПО г. Москвы Технический пожарно-спасательный
колледж № 57
Преподаватель – Жарова Виктория Александровна

studying in the college of fire rescue and I would like to tell you about the Central museum of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. The central museum is the head and scientifically methodical center in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. Nowadays the central museum of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has an exposition placed on four floors and a film lecture hall.
The museum was created in 1983 by the order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR. In the first hall the materials are devoted to the creation of Civil defense of Soviet Union, to its functioning and development. This museum exposition shows the unique system of the nation-wide defensive actions against the rocket-nuclear, chemical, and bacteriological weapon. On April, 26th, 1986 there was a Chernobyl accident. You can find a lot of materials of this tragedy, some rare photos, documents and personal things of liquidators of this failure.
The second exposition hall tells about creation and daily work of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. Here you can see the everyday life and activity of all regional centers and divisions. Also ministry educational institutions are presented there. The third and fourth halls show some technogenic and natural accidents and their liquidation. Besides, a film-lecture hall is available where display movies about the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

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