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Our favorite town

Попова Виктория Леонидовна. Константинова Надежда
МБОУ Гимназия город Советский
Тюменская Область ХМАО-Югра.

Every person has a place that he calls with love and thrill, it is a motherland. Homeland is a place where the person was born, where he grew up. We were born in Sovetskiy and we are proud of it.
We love our city and we don't know what we will do without it. Everywhere we went, always pulls back. Here always comfortable, here all native , here easy to breathe. Each city has its own history and Sovetskiy has it. It was founded as a settlement of the temporary appointment. Population of a small amount, but it's mostly workers who just began to expand the town. But now the population has grown and town has enlarged . Our athletes are our pride. Each of them represents our district at the country’s level . Sufficient attention is paid to the sport, this is a sports complex the "Olympus", which is one of the centers of sports development, school of Olympic reserve, pool "Sadko", “Ratibor”, billiard club and more. The stadium was built more recently. But we do not have an ice palace. The best place to relax with family, friends, this is our park. Here we can have fun, ride on attractions, enjoy the fresh air, just to spend time well. The park also hosts public events.
So important for us - is the memory and fame those who gave the honor for our native land during this bloody battle, that claimed the lives of people. In honor of this in our town were built the monuments, that have left a trace in our history. And every year on 9 of May, we salute the veterans, these people felt the uncanny and a terrible time. In the summer we have not so hot and sunny days is not enough. So, many people are leaving to warm places. Our city is small, so in the future, we plan to go to another place. Welcome to our native place!

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