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Surazh - seeing is believing!

Бородуля Ирина Евгеньевна, учитель английского языка
МБОУ СОШ №3 г.Суража Брянской области

A nice small town Surazh is situated in Bryanskaya region in 177 km from Bryansk. According to the Dal’s Explanatory dictionary of live Great Russian Language “surazh” means “nice, beautiful”. The town corresponds to its name. It is situated among the picturesque meadows, fields and forests. Surazh stands on the river Iput. In ancient Slavic language the word Iput meant “here is the way”. The river Iput is likely to have been the most convenient way from Northerners to Radimichy, the tribe which lived in the Novozybkovsky region.
For the first time Surazh was mentioned as a small village Surazhichy in 1618. In 1723 a small village Surazhichy had only 13 houses. But now Surazh is a modern town. Its territory is 1239 hectares and population is 11.7 thousand people. Surazh is the cultural and educational center of the district. There are 2 palaces of culture, 3 schools, a Professional and Pedagogical colleges. One of the ancient buildings is the house of M.I. Udovich, the merchant of the first guild. It was built in 1838. Now the regional museum is situated there.
Many famous people were born in Surazh: 10 Heroes of the Soviet Union, N. A. Roslavets (1880- 1944), a famous composer; S. I. Steshec (1954), a writer and a poet; M. Y. Tovpeko (1948), a composer; E.I.Gnevysheva (1916-1994)a historian, a teacher; N. I. Pastuhov (1923),an actor . Surazh is a unique, small town with beautiful architecture and zippy, hospitable people. Welcome to our town! Seeing is believing !

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