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My Town. (Outstanding people of Trubchevsk)

Афанасова Марина, 13 лет
МБОУ Трубчевская СОШ №1
Ученица 7б класса, учитель Сузикова Нина Николаевна.

My native town Trubchevsk is one of the oldest in Russia. It is more than 1000 years old! There are a lot of places concerned with its long history. Ancient churches, old buildings, monuments, names of streets can tell lots of interesting stories and wonderful legends. But I would like to tell you about outstanding people of my native land.
The people of Trubchevsk are proud of Vsevolod, Prince of Trubchevsk, who was called “bui-tur” for his feat of arms in the great “Word about Igor’s Regiment”. Together with his brother Igor, Prince of Novgorod-Seversky, he depended Russian lands against the enemies. The kin of Trubetskiye is one of the oldest and the most famous Russian kin who has hold an outstanding print in the history of Russia. They were notability statesmen, military men, diplomats. Troitsy Cathedral constructed by Trubetskiye is situated on the picturesque mountain over the Desna.
An Old Russian singer and a poet Boayn is mentioned in “Word about Igor’s Regiment”. There is a monument to this legendary figure in the town park. Alexander Ivanovich Galich, Russian philosopher, the teacher of A. Pushkin was born in Trubchevsk. Another well-known figure of my native land is a famous Russian singer Anastasiya Vyaltseva - “the seagull of Russian variety”. The school of art is named after this unique woman. The people of Trubchevsk fought heroically with fascists during the Great Patriotic War. Our land gave Russian army an outstanding general I. Petrov, ten Heroes of the Soviet Union. In Trubchevsk hospital M. Kalashnikov invented his famous submachine gun.
Nowadays inhabitants of Trubchevsk keep on its glory. I love my native town, I am proud of it and I am glad to live here.

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