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Novgorod the Great

Семенов Слава, 4 «В» класс
Учитель: Мамиева Вера Николаевна
МАОУ Гимназия №2
г. Великий Новгород, Новгородская обл.

My name is Slava. My surname is Semyonov. I was born in Novgorod the Great. Novgorod the Great is an ancient beautiful city. The Volkhov river is in our town. This river begins from the Ilmen lake. The Volkhov river divides Novgorod into two parts: Trade and Sofia. The Kremlin is In the Sofia part of the city. Earlier the rich people lived on the territory of the Kremlin, and townspeople lived outside the Kremlin. Many monuments of antiquity are in Novgorod the Great. They are the Kremlin, the St. Sophia Cathedral, the Monument to the Millennium of Russia, the Wooden architecture, as well as many monasteries and churches, monuments of the Great Patriotic war.
In Novgorod the Great the old with the new combines successfully: we can see ancient churches and monasteries and modern buildings. Today Novgorod has good economic and cultural relations with both capitals, because it is between them. And also the town has economic relations with the Republic of Karelia, the Baltic States, attracts foreign investors. Novgorod is included in the list of Russian cities, included in the composition of the New Hanseatic League. Novgorod the Great has modern means of communication, a gallery, a school of art, two theatres, a Philharmonic, the ballet ensemble, music and dance ensembles. There are several local newspapers, own TV- and radio channels.
Novgorod is a University town. The university named after Yaroslav the Wise is one of the largest scientific centers in the North-West of Russia. Many high class sportsmen were preparing In our town in such kinds of sports as gymnastics, rowing, swimming and boxing. Novgorod the Great is the center of Russian and international tourism.
I love and admire my city and its beauty. I’m very proud of its long history!

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