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Чирков Максим, ученик 5 класса
МАОУ гимназии № 70 Екатеринбурга.
Кулакова Лариса Владимировна,
учитель английского языка.

My name is Max, I’m eleven, I study in the 5th A form. I live in Yekaterinburg. The city was founded on the 7th of November in 1723 by Peter the first. The city was a plant and a fortress and it was named in honor of Ekaterina the first. Yekaterinburg is the industrial, cultural and political centre of the country.
Sport is very popular in Yekaterinburg. Many people do sport every day. They try to find time to go to a swimming pool or a gym at least once a week for aerobics or yoga classes or body building. I actively take part in sport in children’s sport school of Olympic Reserve – “Unost”. The history of our school began on the 19th of September in 1926. It was one of the biggest stadiums in Yekaterinburg. In 1966 people built the first indoor ice rink “Snow-flake” on the stadium with stands for spectators. Major competitions in ice hockey passed here. The first treadmill with artificial ice appeared in our school on the 1th of October in 1967. For many years it was only one in Russia. On the 4th of September 1968 people built a new housing for the gymnasts. In 1972 on the territory of “Unost” was opened the biggest swimming pool in the city. The square of the bowl 1050 m.sq, the long of the road is 50 meters. It was the most modern swimming pool in the Urals. Some famous sportsmen trained in this school. One of them is Prilukov Yuri Honored Master of Sport of Russia. On the 4th of November 2011 in our school there were competitions the on the prizes of six-time world champion Prilukov Yuri. It has been played 48 medals. School operates 8 sections: athletics, ice skating, figure skating, swimming, gymnastics, hockey, skiing, football. There are more than three thousand children in our school. Sport helps to stay in good shape, to keep fit and to be healthy.

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