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Russian State Agrarian University –MTAA, named after K.A.Timiryazev

Диденко Кристина Михайловна, 7 класс
Горбунова Ирина Владимировна
ГБОУ СОШ № 185

My name is Christina. I live in Moscow. I like my neighbourhood a lot. There are plenty of nice places and buildings near my house. One of them is Russian State Agrarian University –MTAA, which is the oldest higher-education institution of agriculture in Russia. It was founded on December 3, 1865. First it was called Petrovskaya Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. Nowadays it is a center of agricultural education as well as academic, scientific, and consulting institution. Only during the last thirty years more than 35,000 agronomists, economists, soil scientists and other specialists graduated from the Academy. The University successfully cooperates with universities in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Denmark, and China. Thousands of specialists from Europe, Asia, Africa and America are trained here.
The University has nine museums, the V. Mikhelson Meteorological observatory, the N. Zheleznov Central Scientific Library, a Recreation center, and a Publishing House. The University also includes a Field Experimental Station, the N. Timofeev Selection Station, Botanical and Dendrological gardens and other departments and laboratories.
Our school is near the university. With the students from other schools we participate in ecological events, for example in spring, we plant trees in the park of the university.
I live not far and like spending my free time in the park. There are a lot of old trees in it. In the greenhouses of the Academy I buy flowers for my garden and balcony. Maybe in the future I'll become a student of this famous institution.

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