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Щербакова Анастасия Ивановна
МБОУ СОШ №27 г. Мытищи
Ученица 10 класса, учитель – Ананьева Елена Анатольевна

There are a lot of cities in our huge country. And I live in a small quiet town called Mytishchi.
If someone asks me why I love my town I’ll say because it is a town of my own. I know all streets, all cool places. All my childhood I spent here in Mytishchi. In our town there are two theatres: the Ognivo and the Fest. I was there many times. When I was younger we spent New Year Parties in the Ognivo. And it was amazing. I live in Letnaya Street and I remember that there had been a field there before the Arena Mytishchi was built. (It’s our hockey arena). Every summer the circus used to come on that field. Exotic animals, colourful clowns, and a lot of different roundabouts, tasteful candies, various sweets and other things that I’d never forget came with the circus. In my head there are a lot of nice childlike memoirs, and they were impossible without my own town.
Not far from my house there is Kedrin’s library. Dmitri Kedrin is a famous author and he lived and worked in Mytishchi. And not far from my house there is Veterans’ Boulevard. It is one of the most popular places in our town. Two years ago people built the monument in honour of Nina Raspopova who was the Hero of the Soviet Union. She was a great pilot and dealt a lot of blows to Enemy’s Army in World War the Second. A lot of people enjoy spending their free time there including young families, skaters, pet lovers. The central park is also popular with people of all ages. Every holiday people take part in different competitions, concerts. In winter they make a skating-rink.
There are some moments why I love and am proud of my small town. I mentioned here just some of them but there are more. My town is a great place to live in if you like calmness and routine. If you like it, you are welcome.

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