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The nature of Karasuk district

Ермошин Андрей, 8б класс
МБОУ « Гимназия №1» Карасукского района
Новосибирской области
Учитель: Реуцкая Татьяна Николаевна

I live in a small Siberian town of Karasuk in the south-west of Novosibirsk region. My town hasn’t got many places of interest but beautiful nature gives uniqueness to it. We have lots of forests, golden fields of wheat, rye, oats. Rivers and lakes provide a picturesque scenery. The legend says that one devil flew over our land crying and sputtering. Some salt lakes appeared because of his tears and fresh lakes appeared because of his saliva. Our lakes are rich in fish. And how strange and beautiful birds can be seen here! A perfect example is a small stiff-tailed duck with a blue beak and a largely white head with a black cap and neck. It is white-headed Duck and it is considered as an endangered one. According to ecologists, white-headed Duck likes Karasuk lakes because they have much food suitable for it. One more nature attraction is an ecology station on the bank of the lake ‘Krotovaya Lyaga’ in Karasuk district. It was founded by Professor S. Folitarek in 1962 as an experimental base for studying nature in West Siberia and collaborates with the Novosibirsk Zoo. This complex is for breeding wild animals and birds which are under threat. The scientists got the most important results studying Asian grouse. There were no such birds in any Zoo in the world. Today all conditions are developed for keeping, feeding and breeding this bird. Here, you can also see a wild cat, Siberian polecat, marsh otter, golden eagle, grey crane, wood-grouse, black-grouse and hazel-grouse. A lot of local people and guests visit it every year.

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