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Сидоркина Юлия Сергеевна
Йошкар-олинский технологический колледж

I live in the village of Medvedevo. It is a part of the republic of Mari-El. Medvedevo is a small settlement and the administrative center of the Medvedevo region of Mari El. Medvedevo is situated on the banks of the Shoy river. Medvedevo is not far from the capital of the Mari republic. The population of our village is about 16,700 people and it is increasing every year because the environment is friendly.
Our settlement was founded in the second half of the XVII century. The founder is considered to be "a native of the village Berezovskaya, a peasant's son Gabriel Yakovlev whose nickname was "The Bear". Although our village is small but it has its own museum of local study Its collections contain a great number of exhibits. Colourful wedding ceremonies performed in "the old way" manner are held on the base of the museum. We also have a lot of other attractions but I would like to tell you about the Zoo.
There is a unique mini-zoo at the village of Medvedevo. The Zoo occupies an island in the picturesque pond in the center of Medvedevo. Most of the animals live on the island: swans and ostriches, goats and foxes, beavers, lamas and wolves. Parents with children of all ages enjoy visiting the Zoo and watching the animas. You can get to the island by the bridge. People from all parts of the republic and other places come to the Zoo to spend their free time there. The village becomes larger because of a lot of new beautiful houses being built there every year and it makes Medvedevo more attractive. I am proud of my native place because it is my Motherland and it is unique and beautiful.

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