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Saint.Peterburg. The myth about the Anichkov Palace.

Андрейчук Никита 5 класс.
Школа 207 Центрального района Санкт-Петербурга.

I live in St.Peterburg. There are many myths about my city. One of them is about the White Lady. The Anichkov Palace was built in 1757 in the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and the Fontanka River. Alexei Razumovsky, the owner of the palace, didn’t want to live in the palace and for a long time only servants lived there. They saw there the ghost of the Anichkov Palace – a young beautiful lady, dressed in white. In St. Petersburg they say that it was the soul of a girl, drowned in the Fontanka. The White Lady spoke to each of the Romanovs` family. In 1837, after the fire in the Winter Palace, Nicholas I moved to the Anichkov Palace. One night he saw the ghost, but was afraid and couldn’t hear what the ghost told him. Alexander II saw the White Lady too. He even spoke with her. The last person, who met the ghost of the Anichkov Palace, was Nicholas II. The ghost told him that he was the last emperor of Russia. Since that time no one has heard about the White Lady any more. Welcome to our city and you can know more about it and revel the other secrets of St. Petersburg.

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