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The Pulkovo Observatory

Чемоданов Георгий Александрович
Школа №481, 7 класс
Учитель – Савина Татьяна Валерьяновна

My name is Gosha. My favorite Place in Sankt-Petersburg is Pulkovo Observatory. The ceremony of the foundation of the observatory took place on June 21, 1835. W. Struve played the main part in founding the Pulkovo Observatory although officially he was only considered one of the members of the commission charged with this task. The inauguration of the Pulkovo Observatory took place on August 7, 1839.
Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve was born on April 15(4), 1793, at Altona where his father Jakob Struve was a high-school principal. Wilhelm Struve got his secondary education at the Christianeum which he graduated from at the age of 15. In 1808 he continued his education at Dorpat University, where he studied philology. In 1810 W. Struve wrote “De studiis criticis et grammaticis opud Alexandrinos”. He was awarded the Gold Medal of Dorpat University for that work. W. Struve graduated from the university and obtained a degree in philology with the highest honors in 1811.
As the years passed W. Struve was paying less attention to administration and concentrated on his own scientific research studies. At that time Otto Struve was the Second Astronomer of the Observatory and showed such a gift for administration that the Director allowed him to bear a large measure of responsibility for the Observatory.
In the beginning of 1858 W. Struve`s health failed. He could not do his research on the large-scale. He moved to St.Petersburg in 1859 and only spent summer months at Pulkovo. In 1861 he resigned and his eldest son Otto became Director.

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