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The Stepan Schipachyov’s Literary Museum.

Пушкарева Александра

Пушкарева Александра, 11 класс
г. Богданович Свердловской области
Учитель: Алимпиева Валентина Георгиевна.

The Stepan Schipachyov’s Museum in Bogdanovich is the only museum in Sverdlovsk region dedicated to a poet. This museum is situated in an usual apartment house in the centre of our town. The first impressions of visitors are delight and excitement. A porch and opened door with a beautiful tree growing nearby remind of the Russian poetry.
You are invited into a hall where you’ll find the main exhibits of the museum. They are about Schipachyov’s fate, his career as a poet. Photos, books, newspaper articles, magazines, letters – an usual museum presentation. But beyond all this ordinariness you can see the unique Stepan Petrovich’s way.
Books, pictures and letters are the documents of the past without which is impossible to imagine our XXI century. “Let the wind of time leaf through pages of my soul”, - wrote the poet. Then you will be led to his creative room. The table, the bookcase, the vase “Kaplya”, the portrait of his granddaughter Masha… There are books from Schipachyov’s friends: famous poets, writers and literary critics. Nowadays the museum is an intellectual and cultural centre of Bogdanovich. For eighteen years of its work the museum has become a welcome place for interesting events, literary celebrations, poetry contests and exhibitions. Our citizens’ art works are often represented there: painting and graphic art, photos and needle-works, china-dolls, ceramics, wood carving and hot enamel…
The fate of our poet was modest and worthy. And it is reflected in the small museum of provincial Bogdanovich. In 2006 the museum was awarded “Gold Medal” on the fist regional competition of Ural’s museums for extraordinary approach to work. The head-manager of the museum is Antonina Mikhailovna Khlystikova, the laureate of the Onisim Clear’s Premium. I guess the museum wouldn’t exist without this enthusiastic and active person.

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