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School number 3

Пушкарева Александра

Петрова Анастасия, 7 А класс
МКОУ СОШ № 3 г. Богдановича
Свердловской области
Учитель английского языка:
Ещанова Динара Юрьевна

I'm studying in school number 3 of Bogdanovich now. This is one of the oldest schools in the city. It was built in 1942. February 4, 2012 the school celebrated its 70th anniversary. On the walls hang photos of school pupils left school in the 1942-1945 year. Many of them went to the front straight from school. Seventeen of them never returned. In 1987, the memorial plaque was unveiled. She was immortalized in the names of the seventeen victims. A large part in the opening plaque attended by former director Vartanyan Sergei Maksimovich, in 1992 the fiftieth anniversary of the school in a purely students (graduates) have laid the capsule. It will draw in the one hundredth anniversary of the school. 70 years out of school produced 32 gold medalists, and 47 students with a silver medal. Currently, the school enrolled 750 students. There are working 55 teachers now. Many of them have graduated from this school, graduated and returned to the school now as a teacher. This Alimpiev V.G - a teacher of foreign languages, Serebrennikova N.V - Director, Grebenshchikova N.N teacher of mathematics, physics teacher Potorochina TG, N. Ivshina and mathematics teacher, her son Ivshin E.O teacher of gymnastics. Here's a little history of our school. Student wrote a history of 7 а Petrova Anastasia.

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