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Chelyabinsk. The Revolution square

Брежнева Наталья

Брежнева Наталья
ГБОУ СПО «ЧГПГТ им. А.В. Яковлева»
18 лет, учусь на втором курсе по профессии Оператор НКТ
В свободное время увлекаюсь вокалом и гитарой
Преподаватель: Алябьева Екатерина Александровна.

The Revolution square is the main and the most famous square of our city. At first the square was named South, because it was situated on the south outskirts of the city. The first stone building - The Popular home- was built in 1903. The architect of it was Rudolf Karvovskiy. The state bank was built in 1910. The Circus was located on the square. The South square was encircled by birch forest. On the 1st May 1920 the South Square was renamed for Revolution square in honor of the October Revolution. The Theater of Youth Spectators was built instead of the Popular home. Between 1936 and 1947 the square played the role of the administrative centre of the city. The central part of the square was projected for arranging demonstrations, celebrations and parades. The architect Ivan Ippolitov built a hotel in 1934 where the Arbitrage court of the Chelyabinsk area is situated now. In 1921 Odigitrievskii female monastery was demolished. The hotel “South Ural” was built instead of the monastery in 1941.
The shop “Rhythm” was built in 1953. The building of “Chelyabenergo” was built in 1953. The Drama theater was built in 1973-1984. The underground commercial complex “Nikitinskiy” appeared in 1999. Now you can see a shop, the museum of arts, and the monument to Vladimir Lenin on the Revolution square. The square of Revolution is an excellent place for promenade. In winter it turns into the icy village, and there are a lot of attractions in summer here.

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