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Строилов Никита, ученик 7 класса
МБОУ «СОШ мкрн. Вынгапуровский» МО г. Ноябрьск
Учитель: Копылова Надежда Владимировна

My name is Nikita Stroilov. I was born in 1998. My birthplace is Noyabrsk. I have been living here since my birthday. Noyabrsk is the biggest town in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. Its history begins in 1976. Our town is a place where oil and gas workers live. Near the town there are large oil and gas fields, which are important for the country. Many nationalities live together here. It’s sometimes called the southern gateway to the District. The population of the town is more than 110 thousand people.
Lakes Hanto and Svetloe are the main natural attractions. The flora is represented by cedars, pines, firs, aspens, birches and others. In the woods near the town you can meet wolves, foxes, bears, rabbits, squirrels and other animals. The climate is continental. Winters are long and cold, summers are short and warm.
Our town is connected with a major highway. The town has two railway stations: Noyabrsk I and Noyabrsk II, a modern airport. On the 20th of May in 1978 the first train arrived in Noyabrsk. On 24th of December in 1982 the citizens met the first plane. Our town has Children’s Park with attractions, the main mall with a fountain near the building of The Town Administration. There are many clubs, palaces of culture, cinemas, museums, libraries, sports complexes and other places for entertainment, sport and education in Noyabrsk. Our town is famous for the monument to those who died in Word Ware II, monuments to a mosquito and bee. The town has many shopping centers, markets and shops where you will be able to buy whatever you like. There are fifteen schools and three colleges in our town. Noyabrsk has a good level of education. Noyabrsk is a young town. Its history must be continuing. I hope Noyabrsk will develop and prosper.

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