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My native land

Харченкова Елена, 16 лет, 10 класс
МКОУ "Товарковская СОШ № 2"
Дзержинского района Калужской области
Руководитель: Жучкова Ольга Серогеевна,
учитель английского языка

What is a native land? The native land is a place where you were born, grew up; a place where every centimetre, every side-street, every tree are familiar and dear to you. Everyone has his native land.
It can be a noisy city or a quiet village. My native land is a small settlement (a worker’s town). It was founded after the war. At that time our country needed building materials that’s why our quarry was founded. The place for the quarry was comfortable because there was a railroad near it We don’t have many houses and streets. But there is a street that is famous for its history, because instead of it there was a nunnery 100 years ago. At the beginning of the 20th century it was destroyed. Nowadays people still remember this fact and a chapel is being built here. Some legends about this nunnery are passed on from one generation to another one.
1) There was a church near the spring on a bank of the Shanya River. Then the spring began to well out more and a church disappeared under the ground. Today there is a pond on its place.
2) Shortly before the revolution Nicolai II sent his daughter Tanya to this nunnery. She took work of penance and she went to the exile to Solovki with all the nuns.
3) After the death of Saint Gerassim a source appeared next to his grave. Its water considered to be healing.
There is a river and a forest near our worker’s town. In summer we swim there, we gather flowers, berries, mushrooms. We admire our scenery. At our school there is an obelisk dedicated to the memory of the fighting men that lost their life during the war for our land. We always lay flowers at this obelisk. We respect what our ancestors did for us.
I think that everyone must know the history of his native land, love it and take care of it.

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