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National Village

Лемешкина Ирина, 6 “В” класс,
МОБУ “Лицей №7” г. Оренбурга
Учитель: Исанбаева Р. Р.

In our city it is a lot of sights. I would like to tell you about «National village». From the basis of the city of Orenburg was multinational. In our city many different people and everyone has the nation. In territory of our area representatives more than 100 nationalities live. Various nationalities: Russian, Tatars, Kazakhs, Bashkirs, Ukrainians, Moldavians, Chuvashs, Germans and other nationalities. Orenburg and the Orenburg region became for them "the native" house. Therefore it would be surprising, if in the city of Orenburg such unique project under the name "National village" hasn't been created.
A cultural complex «National village» is an original open-air museum, become a symbol of friendship, love and a unification of the people of the Orenburg edge where Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar, Kazakh, Bashkir, Mordovian, Chuvash, Belarus, Armenian and German national farmsteads are presented. «The national village» became favourite vacation spot of inhabitants and city visitors, the center of carrying out of various cultural actions, a platform for performances of national creative collectives. On «rural small streets» and near the wonderful fountain of Friendship poured in the evenings by all colors of a rainbow, you can see there a lot of parents with children walking, young people, friend’s spindly good time. Here there comes a newly-married couple to assign flowers and to make memorable photos. In national farmsteads visitors get acquainted with historical and cultural traditions of the different people, their national features, vital way and national suits.
The unique project is created and embodied that inhabitants of Orenburzhye knew about history, culture and national traditions of each people more, yours faithfully concerned them, helped to keep spirit of the nation and to transfer to its young generation. I like this park. I advise you to visit it immediately!

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