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Athletes of the Orenburg region

Учитель - Исмаилова Л. А.

Millions of people like sport. Sport helps people to keep themselves in good shape and to be healthy. We have many sport schools, clubs and societies in our region. Our athletes participate in the Olympics and win a lot of gold, silver and bronze medals. I want to tell you about our top athletes who brought fame to our region and will remain in the history of the Orenburg region as the winners brothers Dobroskok.
Alexander Dobroskok is Honored Master of Sports of Russia in diving, member of the Russian national team. Since childhood he was fond of water sports. He began to dive in 1991. Twice a winner of World Championships, Europe and Russia, winner of the World Cup, the silver medalist of XXVII Olympic Games in Sydney in a three-meter synchronized diving springboard, a member of the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing was awarded the medal "For in Merits for Motherland».
Dobroskok Dmitry is Honored Master of Sports of Russia in diving, twice a winner of World Championships, Europe and Russia, Winner of the World Cup, bronze medalist of the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing in the synchronized diving from the tower. Dmitry is a humble, hardworking, reserved guy, diligent and responsible student. Despite the lack of time, he found the strength either to win the competition, or to be good at school. Even he has had the title of master of sports of international class and the world title, he never allows himself to arrogance and rudeness. He is known and loved by many people of our region. The most important factor determining the fate of the brothers Dobroskok as sportsmen, was the appearance in Buzuluk complex for watersport. They were the first coaches Tatiana and Mikhail Postnikov. Thus, from the simple boys, grew up true champions. We can be proud that our Orenburg brought decent athletes who later became world champions.

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