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The village Vladimiro-Petrovka

Пирогова Галина Александровна
Ученица 10 класса МКОУ СОШ № 13 с. Владимиро-Петровка,
учитель Новикова Ольга Викторовна

My name is Galya Pirogova. I am 16 and I am in 10th form. I live on Far East of our country in Primorsky district. I live in village Vladimiro-Petrovka which was named after land surveyors name Vladimir Petrovich Melgunov. When he appeared with first inhabitants he saw convenient geographical position and rich natural resources and settled our village.
There is the legend, why my region centre is named Kamen-Rybolov. The Village is situated ashore miraculous lake Khanka. Here lay the enormous stone concave in medium. During tide water, but together with her and fish, fell into stone and remained during low tide in that place. Having found this amazing characteristic lake, which itself went fishing, fishermen were pleased and so have named the village Kamen-Rybolov. We have Preserve on hill Luzanova, beside foots which tender splashed the lake. More than 100 types of fish dwell in Khanka, 15 types of trees sprout on hill. There are nanny goats, wild boars and the other wild animals. Some of them are brought in the Red Book. This lake is famous for its unique flower lotus. This is the relic plant. This flower was considered to be a symbol of wellfare and happiness, a symbol of good harvest. I am proud that live in such beautiful place, as my native village. Probably, each person loves and values all that he has. After all Russia - an enormous great country and each its cozy corner possesses their own countless wealth. And much it is important to save all these wealth for future generations!

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