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The Republic Of Bashkortostan

Фатхутдинова Тамара Фанисовна
Ученица 8 А класса
МОБУ СОШ д. Николаевка Уфимского района Республики Башкортостан
Учитель: Казакова Ирина Ровидовна

... Where is the Ural mountains ridge, where Europe meets Asia, my native land - Bashkortostan spreads. A picturesque region! It is called the second Switzerland! It hides hundreds of the most beautiful places of nature in itself! I have visited many of them. For example, the natural park “The Gorge of Muradim” is a whole country. It is in the valley of the river Bolshoy Ik, where high vertical rocks watch in, & ancient caves are hidden in the depths of subsurface area... There are rock-drawings of our ancestors and many grottos. I visited another amazing cave on the side of the ridge Uraltau - Askinskaya. The upper part of the cave is unmelting glacier, and the inside of cave bizarre ice figures is built of. There is the steep cliff of White Stone on the bank of the mountain river Zilim. It offers a magnificent view: a fast blue river and a green coast... Also there are a lot of springs in Bashkortostan. One of them is Red Spring. Its waters have curative properties. My family & I like to have a rest on the Pavlovsk reservoir. It is a very picturesque place, there are plenty of tourist facilities and camps for children. The largest lake of Bashkortostan is Aslikul. Folk legend says that Aslikul is a fragment of an ancient sea. It really reminds of the sea: the raging waves are replaced by the mirror surface. Migratory birds stop here, and pelicans have even nested here in the beginning of 20th century. The brother of the Aslikul lake is lake called Kandrikul. This Lake has an island Utrau, which is similar to the eye in its form. Bashkiria is a gold-scented honey, and fascinating voice of the kurai, and cheerfulness of the folk customs, and paint Bashkir national costumes. Bashkiria gave freedom-loving and proud temper to its people. And I’m proud of my Motherland.

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