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Мясникова Дарья , ученица 11 класса.
Учитель – Жомова Галина Фёдоровна.
Муниципальное казённое общеобразовательное учреждение
Средняя общеобразовательная школа №1

277 years ago at the edge of the mountain Blagodat was born Kushva, one of the industrial centres of the Urals. There are 144 streets in my native town and due to their names one can restore the biography of this small town. Its biography resembles the fate of many Urals settlements, but nevertheless the history of Kushva is unique and peculiar.
There are a lot of legends about the discovery of the Blagodat treasure, but all of them are united by the name of Stepan Chumpin. From generation to generation the voguls told the story about the sacred mountain. Every time when the native settlers went hunting and shot arrows, the arrows glued to the mountain and it was impossible to take them from. People thought it was a wicked spirit who was angry with them. One day in spring Sergei Yartsev (he worked on Demidov’s plants) came to the settlement of the voguls. There he was met by Stepan Chumpin who told him a story about that sacred mountain. When Yartsev examined the stones, shown to him by the native settler, he realized what treasure that was. He wrote a letter to Tatischev to St. Petersburg about that discovery. Tatischev decided to see the deposit with his own eyes. After having examined the mountain he was greatly surprised and on the 19-th of September, 1735 he wrote a letter to the empress Anna Ioannovna in which he described the great deposit of iron ore. Tatischev decided to name the mountain Blagodat in honour of her majesty. You know the name Anna is translated from Greek as Blagodat. According to the legend the empress herself attended our land of plenty.
And what about Stepan Chumpin? The well-known Ural writer D.N.Mamin-Sibiryak wrote that the voguls were very cross with Stepan Chumpin. They thought he betrayed them, their belief, so they brought Chumpin on the top of the Blagodat mountain and burnt him there.
Now, there is a monument on the top of Blagodat mountain. The sign “ The vogul Stepan Chumpin was burnt here in 1735” reminds us about those ancient events.

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