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Ural's legends

г.Магнитогорск, Челябинская область
Сахно Дарья Павловна
МОУ "Гимназия №18" города Магнитогорска

If you are not afraid of devils and witches, ghosts and unusual creatures then we are waiting for you on our magnificent land full of legends and fairy tales. Our nature is beautiful and amazing.
Not far from lake Bannoe there is a deep Mountain canyon.Its depth is about 300 meters and its width is about 400 meters. Even from the bottom of the mountain you can notice an unusual rocky entrance which is 40 meters high. This is so called the Devil’s finger. It’s a vertical stone column covered with ancient lichens.
There is a legend about the Devil’s finger.“Long ago on the Ural mountains devils lived. A huge head devil had a rest at the top of the mountain ridge. He sent six small starving devils to bring him food.
Once upon a time the Devil felt sick from forest food and he decided to try people's food. He sent the devils to the shephards’ stands. The devils ran to the nearest stand where a man Abdulla sheparded his cattle.He was a clever man, he understood that he was not able to cope with the devils and decided to play a trick on them. Abdulla told them a lot of flattering words and fed them with delicious food.Then he asked the six devils why they were living with the Devil and offered them to live with the shephards and eat a lot every day. But it was really difficult to get rid of the Devil,though it was one magic paternoster. The six devils agreed and sent a paternoster of storm.The Devil saw the moving storm and sent another one towards it. Two storms met, the mountains shook, a deep hole appeared. The Devil fell there and stones covered him.Just a stone Devil's finger was seen above the ground.

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