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Legendof Sacred Kite

Моторина Анна,
учащаяся 9 класса,
МОУ Полетаевская СОШ.

Ancient legends and myths tell us about great history and a key role of the Southern Urals in mankind’s evolution. There’s probably no river, lake or mountain which has not been glorified in our local folk-lore. So, mountain Iremel that means” the hub of the universe” being a place of power makes people admire it. There are a lot of tales and legends about the mountain and its might. Legend of Sacred Kite is one of them.
Once upon a time there was a wonder-mountain Iremel and a golden stone-Alatyr on it. They say those people who touched it became fabulously rich. Many men tried their luck, but failed. As there lived a Kite who was on guard day and night. When nearly all the men in the vicinity perished, women came to the local shaman to call for help. The man watched the dancing fire spirit for a long time, hit the tambourine and found himself in the spiritual world of the Bird. Passing through dense forests and fire rivers Shaman came up to Iremel. He asked the Kite not to judge people too strictly, stop tempting them and fly away. Poor solves, they couldn’t appreciate real values and had to go along the thorny path of self-consciousness. The Kite agreed but demanded Shaman’s looking at the stone. The latter raised his head and something made him blind for a moment. It was the magic stone shone in the cloud of its beauty. The man suddenly recognized the primordial charm of the native land, the fact how stupid were people who came there in search of profit but not wisdom! At last clouds parted, Iremel showed itself in all its splendour and everybody saw the wise Kite flying away. The sage old man returned to his valley and taught people love and eternal values.

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