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Astrakhan, sights

Ушаков Юрий
СОШ №1 г. Астрахань
Teacher: Grinenko Galina Sergeevna

Hello, dear friends! My name is Yuri. I’m from Astrakhan. I’m the eight-year student from Astrakhan school №1. I’d like to tell you about my native town. Astrakhan – is my birthplace, the town I like best of all. Astrakhan is an old town- it is 453 years old .One can say, that the city is a nice combination of old and new, because many new modern buildings and districts appear in the city. Astrakhan is proud of its ancient Kremlin, which is one of the places of interest of our city. Astrakhan is rich in places of interest. Lenin Square, the Swan Lake , the new Musical theatre, the Drama theatre, the Theatre for Young Spectators are favourite places to visit. And if you want to know about the history of Astrakhan, you should visit the Museum of Local Lore- the historical museum, founded in 1837. The rich stocks of museum have 400 thousand exhibits, among which there are unique archeological and numismatic collections, rare collection of Russian china and glass, Golden stockroom, where golden and silver jewelry and armaments of Scythian times- are exhibited. In the museum you can see a unique exhibit –three meters high mammoth skeleton with more than five meters long tusks, who lived in the Low Volga region more than 100 thousand years ago. The collection of flora and fauna of our region is also very interesting for visitors.
One of the main points of interest of our city is the winter garden in the cinema “October”. It is the first cinema in Russia with a winter garden. Picture winter garden.
I’m proud of my native city and I invite you to Astrakhan.

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