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Середенков Андрей Владимирович
СОШ №1 г. Астрахань
Teacher - Grinenko Galina Sergeevna

My name is Andrei. I’m from Astrakhan. I’m a student of the 8-th form. My school № 1 is my favourite school. I have been studying here for 8 years already. My favourite subjects at school are History, English and Information Technology. I was born in Astrakhan and I’m interested in the history of my native town. I’d like to tell some facts from the history of Astrakhan.
Astrakhan is an ancient, hospitable city of Low Volga region. Low Volga and North Caspian is a region of unique history where new cities were born- Itil, the center of Khazar kingdom in the 9th century and Saray-Batu, the capital of Mongolian state Golden Horde. In 1242 Chingiz-Khan’s grandson Batu-Khan made this area a center of his great state. Saray-Batu was a city of magnificent palaces and mosques, center of skillful craftsmen. Saray-Batu was situated on the historical cross-point of caravan routes- Great Volga Route and Great Silken Route. The history of Astrakhan goes back to the golden age of Golden Horde State.
When in 1556 Astrakhan Khanate was joined to the territory of Russia, the city was moved from the right bank of Volga to the left bank and in 1558 the Russian watch fortress- Kremlin- was founded. The most ancient towers of Kremlin are Artillery tower, Crimean and Corn towers. All in all seven Kremlin towers are preserved. The picturesque architectural Kremlin complex has become a museum in the open air. The ancient Russian church architecture- Assumption cathedral and Saint Trinity cathedral are very beautiful.

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