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Stary Oskol

Домнич Олеся Валериевна
МБОУ «Гимназия №18»
Учитель английского языка

Located 618 kilometers south of Moscow and populated by nearly 300,000 people, Stary Oskol is a dynamically developing town in Belgorod region. Kursk magnetic anomaly has made Stary Oskol one of the largest deposits of iron ore worldwide.
Stary Oskol has a rich history. It is mentioned in various chronicles, books, and science works of ancient times. Founded in 1593 as a fortress of the southern fortification line around Moscow, the town was repeatedly affected by the enemies: Crimean Tatars in the 17th century and Nazi during World War II. By the 19th century the town became an important commercial center with a number of fairs. Till present days locals preserve the tradition of regular trade fairs and public festivals and holidays.
Stary Oskol can be divided into two parts: a modern one and a historical center of the city. The center of Stary Oskol has a great number of ancient houses which still preserve their original look.
Stary Oskol region is a birth place for many notable people: an engine-press inventor Mikhail Alisov, a writer, linguist, and esperantist Vasili Eroshenko, a famous violinist, composer and teacher Mikhail Erdenko and many others.
In 2011 Stary Oskol was awarded the title of the City of Military Glory for the courage and prowess of its citizens in the Great Patriotic War.

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