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Staraya Sloboda

Комракова Юлия Михайловна
МБОУ гимназия №2 г. Александров
Учитель английского языка

I live in a small provincial town Alexandrov in Vladimir Region, but in summer I spend much time in a little village Staraya Sloboda which is situated not far from Alexandrov. Here you can find anything to relax and calm down: fresh air, endless fields, forests full of mushrooms and berries, a small river, a beautiful church…
The village dates back to the second half of the twelfth century. At that time it was a summer residence of great Russian Dukes. It included a big wooden palace, a wooden church, a stable and some other buildings. All the Dukes, including Alexander Nevsky stayed here on their way to Moscow, Vladimir, Suzdal and Pereyaslavl-Zalesskiy. But at first, the village was called Alexandrova Sloboda in honor of Alexander Nevsky, and only at the beginning of the 16-th century it became Staraya Sloboda. It happened because the country estate of Russian dukes was moved to a new place and the village lost its importance. At the end of the 17-th century Peter the Great with his toy army visited Staraya Sloboda and held maneuvers here.
Several years later according to Peter’s ukase people laid the foundation of a new brick-built church . In the 20-th century after the revolution the church was closed and fell to decay. And only at the beginning of the 21-st century it was reconstructed. Nowadays early in the morning and during the great religious holidays you can hear the magnificent ringing of church bells.

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