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Volgograd Planetarium

Голубева Ольга
МОУ ООШ №59, 8 класс
Учитель – Меркулова Ирина Алексеевна

My name is Olga Golubeva. I have been living in Volgograd for already 3 years and I like our city very much. Volgograd is a cultural centre of the Volga region. There are a lot of sights in our city: museums, theatres, cinemas, monuments. I’d like to tell you about one of them – Volgograd Planetarium. It is the only planetarium in the Lower Volga region. It was opened in 1954. The building is crowned by a group of sculptures “Peace” of Vera Mukhina. There is a large hall inside that was built using a Stalinist style. In the centre of the hall we can see a portrait of Stalin which is made from mosaic. We can also see a model of spaceship “Vostok”, a model of the first artificial satellite which was launched into the space on October 4, 1957, a model of the spaceship “Luna-3”. On the second floor there is another hall where we can see Foucault pendulum, celestial globe, terrestrial globe and two fragments of meteorites.
Next to this hall there is a star hall where a lot of interesting lectures are conducted. In this hall the lecturer models the night sky, rotates it, explains the movement of the Sun, the Moon, stars and planets.
There is a cozy courtyard in the planetarium where we can see 26-meter observatory with a 6-meter telescope. Through this telescope we can observe the Sun and Sun-spots, the Moon with its mountains, craters and seas, some planets.
More than 32 million people have visited the Volgograd Planetarium since its opening day.

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