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The Khoper, a river in Russia

Диулина Ирина, 9 «А» класс
бульвар 30-летия Победы, 66А МОУ СОШ №102
Учитель: Макарова Юлия Александровна

I live in Volgograd region which is situated in the south-east of Russia. There are more then 50 rivers in the region. I’d like to tell about the Khoper. It flows through several areas of our country. The Khoper is supposed to be one of the oldest rivers in Russia. There is an interesting legend about its origin. Once upon a time there lived an old man. One hot summer day he was wandering around a thick forest and came across twelve clear springs. The old man was working the whole day in order to connect the springs into a powerful river. Then he built a water-mill in that place. Later a monument was erected at the source of the Khoper.
The Khoper is nearly 980 km long. The picturesque banks are covered with 200-400 year-old oaks and birches. Foxes, hares, wolves and snakes live in the forests. In summer nightingales are singing their tuneful songs in the woods. The smell of flowers is felt in the fresh air. The Khoper has always been a great tourist attraction. People enjoy unspoiled nature and rest from busy and noisy city life. In our place the river is also the heart of Cossack region. It is closely connected with Cossack history and traditions. The fate and life of these people were depicted by M.Sholokhov. There is a monument to Cossacks not far from a small town of Kumylga.

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