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Lazun Artyom, 11 Form, Secondary school # 5
Pervomaisky, Shilka Raion, Zabaikalye Krai
Teacher: Lyubina Elena Anatolyevna

Baley is a provincial town in Zabaikalye. It is on the Unda river. Now the population is more than 13,2 thousand people though in the past it could boast of 30,000. The place where the town is situated has been rich in gold. Once my grandparents and great grandparents lived and worked there. To tell the truth, my grandfather worked as a Chief Engineer of the mines. All houses and streets breath history. In the 18-th century it was settled as a village called Kamenka. Later it grew thanks to nearby villages Golgotay, Kokuy, Novotroitskaya, Novogeorgievskaya. All that territory was the property of His Majesty Emperor. In 1838 geologist Dubrovsky found rich deposits of gold not far from the village Kazakovo. No wonder, by 1917 it had given to the country about 40 tons of gold of the best quality. In 1917 the miners were nationalized and the gold mining was stopped. It was only under ataman Semyonov ruling when it was resumed. In the Civil War gold was transferred to China to be changed for goods and spirits. In soviet Russia the gold miners became a gold standard of the country. As a result, in 90-s of the last century Baley was considered the third town in Cita region. By 1994 400,000 tons of pure gold had been mined that is equal to 16,8 billion $. Just imagine, how much it has done to develop Russian space projects, Arctic and Antarctica, science, culture, sports and medicine! I don’t live here now but it is the town of my childhood and I am proud of Baley.

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