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Виктор Павлов (Краевое ГБОУ Начального Профессионального
Образования "Профессиональное училище №14")
Протасова Наталья Владимировна
преподаватель английского языка

In the middle reaches of the Yenisei river, on its picturesque left bank, 280 km downriver from Krasnoyarsk lies the young Siberian city of Lesosibirsk.It was founded in 1975. The sawmill was founded by Norwegian businessman Iohannes Leed, who was the executive director of the”lndustrial and Trade Steamship Line, lnc.”After an initial journey in which he got acquainted with the Yenisei and the wealth of its forests,Leed made another visit to our remote lands with the important scientist and explorer F.Nansen. Such was the beginning of the wood processing industry. The biggest firm in the city is the conglomerate» Yenisei Timber Export,” which unites 7 companies:”Maklakovo Comlex,””Lesosibirsk Wood-Processing Complex Number 1,”Novo-Eniseisk Wood-Processing Complex,”Konda,”Novo-Eniseisk Worker Supply Administration,””Yartsev Complex Logging Plantation Ltd.,” and “Directoriate.”Yenisei Timber Exports firms ship their production to England, Belgium, France,Germany,Italy, Spain, Denmark, Morocco, the Arab Emirates, Yugoslavia and other countries.Lesosibirsk as a port city hosts the activity of the subsidiary firm» Port Lesosibirsk,”which handles more than 90,000 tons of loads during the shipping season. Cargo is sent on to Norilsk,Dudinka,Turukhansk and the Evenkia autonomous district. The young city and its tourism bureau have enthusiastically welcomed Russian and foreign visitors, who stop here during cruises on the liner”Anton Chekhov.”This cruise ship is headed by our outstanding captain Ivan Marusev.Tourists have the chance to see the picturesque natural surrounding of our territory in all the blue waters of the unforgettable Yenisei.

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