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Zamartynye: History, Sights and Nature

Телялькова Вера Сергеевна
учитель английского языка
МБОУ СОШ№1 с. Доброе
Добровского муниципального района Липецкой области

My story is about the lovely village Zamartynye. It is situated in Dobroye district of Lipetsk region. Zamartynye was first mentioned in the records dated back to 1675. It was named after the man Martyn and the Martynchik River. In Zamartynye there are a lot of sights to see. In the 19th century there lived the landowner S.N.Shtein, who has ordered to construct a temple. It is the Bogolyubskaya God’s Mother Church. Today the temple is restored.
Near the church there is a compulsory school. It was built in 1967. It isn’t very big but comfortable. We try to keep our history and culture. Three years ago teachers and schoolchildren collected a rich material about history of our village. Now we have got a museum at school. It is important for each person to know a history of a native place, to know our roots.
In Zamartynye have grown many people we are proud of. They are defenders of homeland, teachers and workers. The names of the heroes of Soviet Union Lanskikh T.I. and Kabanov M.M. are well known everywhere. In 1967 Inhabitants of village erected them a monument.
The beautiful nature in our village is very attractive. Our village is woody. In Zamartynye there are many trees, such as oaks, maples, limes, birches, pines, firs and poplars. In the woods you can see animals, such as an elk, a fox, an otter, a wild boar, a squirrel and a hare. Mushrooms and berries grow in our woods too. In the woods there are more than 200 kinds of birds, 17 ones have been noted down into the Red Book of Russia. Our land possesses rich fertile soils which are called black soils or chernozem. They are extremely good for agriculture. We grow rye, wheat, maize, oat, sugar beet, potato, onion here. In Zamartynye there are five water sources. They are famous with its tasty and useful water everywhere. I love my village very much. Welcome to Zamartynye!

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