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Иванкова Анастасия 6 «А» класс
ГБОУ Гимназия №1274 г. Москвы
Учитель английского языка:
Егорова Стелла Анатольевна

My name is Anastasiya Ivankova. I am from Moscow. I am proud of going to gymnasium number 1274 named after Vladimir Mayakovsky. There are a lot of things which are connected with the life and work of Mayakovsky in our gymnasium : photos, magazines, books. We have a unique museum dedicated to Vladimir Mayakovsky in our gymnasium too. It was founded in 1966. Our museum has a rich collection of books about the life of the poet, poems and plays written by him that were published in different languages. There are more than 70 stands in our museum devoted to this great man: Mayakovsky in Pushkino, trips about the Soviet Union and abroad, Mayakovsky and the theatre, Mayakovsky as a painter.
I am a member of the Mayakovsky museum club. Every Thursday a lot of children traditionally gather in the museum to discuss the events, to speak about poetry, to learn the poet`s revolutionary activity and his early creative works.
Every year the anniversary of our museum is celebrated in our gymnasium. Last year we celebrated the 45th anniversary of it. A lot of guests were invited to mark this event: writers, poets, actors. All these things help me to understand the great poet.
In our city there are a lot of places which are connected with Mayakovsky: streets, the theatre, the underground station, the concert hall. I would like to learn more about them and tell you some interesting facts next time.

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