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Unusual Monuments of Moscow

Taisiya Prudentova, 8B
Teacher: Kostina Irina Alexandrovna
Grammar School No.625, Moscow

There are many interesting monuments in Moscow, but I want to tell you about the some unusual of them. The monument to everyone in love “Silver Heart” is situated in the Hermitage Garden. It is a big heart with bells in it. Traditionally, newlyweds go through this heart and make wishes. They believe that if the wind makes the bells ring their wishes will come true. Another monument, which attracts people, is the monument to melted cheese «Druzhba» (Friendship). It is a big figure of the Fox and the Crow from the famous fable by the Russian poet Ivan Krylov. They are sitting on the stump embrace each other and holding «Druzhba» in their paws. It is situated in Rustavelly Street. You can see a very interesting monument to Russian students in Moscow. It includes two bronze shoes, student's record book and a 5 kopeks Russian coin. All these items are placed on a red granite surface with engraved names of famous Moscow universities. If a student wants to get a good mark at the exam, he should stand near this coin and throw a REAL one to the center of the monument. Some people say that it really helps! If you like Russian folk fairy-tales, you should see the Fairy-tale Tree in the Moscow Zoo. It looks like a big oak, which was described by A. S. Pushkin, and characters of his different stories, sitting around it. For example, you can see a mermaid or a wood goblin there. Every year hundreds of people come to make photos of this monument and try to find all the fairy-tale characters hiding in this monument. There is one life to live and places like these can make it really interesting and unusual. They are worth seeing!

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