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Moscow, Kozhukhovo

Маковлева Анастасия
Учитель: Маковлева Инна Вячеславовна
ГБОУ СОШ №2035
Директор Бармина Лариса Анатольевна

I’d like to write about my sweet home – district Kozhukhovo. It is situated in the east of Moscow and consists of 9 mini-districts and a village with the same name. The first houses appeared here in 2004 and since then the district has been constantly growing. Though our district is very young and the most part of the people living here are young too, but we have already got our own traditions. We celebrate the birthday of our district every year in summer. There’s usually a concert of different dancing groups and singers, various competitions are held for kids and adults, and everybody is having fun listening to beautiful songs, taking part in contests and eating free ice-cream.
Our house is built not far from a wonderful Saltykovsky forest with a small pond. It’s a favourite place for everyone to go for a walk, have picnics in summer or go skiing in winter. In winter the students of our school make bird feeders and go to our forest to hang them on the trees. In spring our school goes to the forest to pick up rubbish. Our students are taught to respect nature and learn how to protect it.
Every year in May we have a school game “The Treasure Island” which also takes place in the forest. First of all every team gets their own map with the route, after all the teams have gone through the forest and reached the destination point, they should go to look for the treasure that is usually hidden somewhere around. When the treasure is found, the children are playing different games, eating their sandwiches with juice and come back home. Of course, we pay much attention to leave the place of our picnic in a good state without rubbish and empty bottles.
So I’d like to say that we are glad to live in this wonderful, calm and cosy place with beautiful scenery.

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