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Filevskij park (Moscow)

Александрова Наталия Олеговна
Московский промышленно-экономический колледж РГТЭУ
Студентка 2 курса, факультет «Страховое дело».
Преподаватель: Демидова Юлия Викторовна

There is a place in the life of each person, that very dear to him. In my life I have this very place. It is Moscow. I want to tell you about one of Moscow’s area in which I have been living all my life. It’s Filevsky Park.
The first mention of Fili was in 1627. Belonged to the village of boyar Mstislavsky. It was a great and rich possessions. In the village was a wooden church. This name the district has received from the long-defunct Filka River which flows in the Moscow River. Fili was the village where there were three villages: Gusarevo, Ipskoe, Mazilova. People who have lived in this territory were engaged in agriculture, cattle were kept there. Later there was the railroad which ran through the village and the station Fili.
In 1812, at Fili was the famous council of war, which decided the fate of Moscow. After the battle near Borodino, in which the Russian army suffered heavy losses, Kutuzov decided to retreat toward from Moscow to Mozhaisk to maintain his army.
On the one hand Filevsky Park is a large industrial area, but on the other hand it is a great place for recreation and entertainment. There is a park there, where in winter you can go skiing, sledding and skating, and in summer you can sunbathing near the bank of the Moscow River, enjoying the fresh air, and even on the weekends to visit the show. There is also a shopping center, where you can have a fun.
There is sports complex, stadium, swimming pool for sports fans in my area. The stadium often arranges competitions in rugby among local and foreign teams. To conclude my story I'd like to say that I really love my residential neighbourhood. I know each street there and I think it’s the best area for recreation in our town!

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