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Odintsovo… What is in this name?

Чичерина Татьяна, ученица 8у класса
Преподаватель: Ананьин Константин Георгиевич
МБОУ Одинцовская СОШ №12
Odintsovo… The last letter ‘o’ means that this place belonged to Odinets. Odinets is the nickname of boyar Andrey Domotkanov, a companion-in-arms of Prince Yuri The Long-Armed. Why was he called this way?
In “Толковый словарь живого русского языка”, we read about this word:
- an ear-ring that only men wear;
- a sable with the best fur;
- a wild boar, that always lives alone.
Let us analyse all these definitions.
When I see the monument to Odinets, I notice no ear-ring, and I do not think it is a mistake of the sculptor, so men’s ear-rings may not have been popular then. But if the sculptor and I are both wrong, and the boyar liked wearing an ear-ring, then it is a good explanation: Domotkanov wore an ear-ring, and it was very extraordinary.
The sables! They have been one of the symbols of our country. The boyars were sable coats and caps. But the best sable called odinets was very rare, and those sables were worn by the richest Dukes in Rus. Perhaps Domotkanov got many odinetses somehow and sent them to Prince Yuri The Long-Armed, who decided to call him Odinets. And the last definition. Many years ago battles did not last for a long time: two best fighters fought, and the victorious fighter’s army won the battle without fighting.
Domotkanov was a descendant of Rededya, Prince of the Kosogs. He was a well-known fighter, but he was killed by Mstislav, Prince of Tmutarakan. Prince Mstislav subdued the Kosogs, and Rededya’s sons began serving him. With such a famous ancestor Domotkanov may have been a great warrior, and people may have called him Odinets, ‘a wild bore’. I know it is difficult to choose the best explanation. So, let it be a mystery. And imagine how our coat of arms could look if all the definitions were joined!

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