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Глушенкова Наталья Владимировна
Московский промышленно-экономический колледж
Российский государственный торгово-экономический
университет (МПЭК РГТЭУ)
студентка 2 курса, факультет «Дизайн».
Преподаватель: Демидова Юлия Викторовна
I live in Russia. And I really proud of it. It’s the greatest country with rich history and interesting people. There are many big and small cities, but I would like to tell you about Murmansk. For me it’s not only ordinary city – it’s place where I was born. Therefore I’m hoping, that I could interest you.
To begin with I can say that Murmansk is a cold city near the Barents Sea. It’s a big seaport and it’s located in the extreme northwest part of Russia. Frost, windy and dunk city - at first glance.
More than half of the year there is polar night there – deep, dark and frost. Murmansk situated beyond Arctic Circle – so it’s a reign of permafrost and tundra. In spite of this, Murmansk remains the largest city of the Arctic Circle. There are both big active streets, and narrow quiet lanes, interesting museums and libraries, and plural bright nightclubs. From my point of view, Murmansk is unpredictable city like it’s strange weather. But in the first place I remember not a city – I remember the Polar light over it.
It was usual winter night. Large stars looks like drops on black velvety sky, and pale moon rose. Suddenly on the sky make one's appearance green and blue stripes. They were shining and sparkling like new year’s garland, and they were playing like weird green-blue rainbow. It was so wonderful sight that first some minutes I couldn't take away a look from this. In nowadays my memory can brings me, but I never forget this beautiful light. In conclusion I would like to wish you to visit this uncommon city and feel it’s atmosphere – its mood, its culture and its life. It’s the only way to see its beauty and soul.

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