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Peretno: my lovely homeland

Кондрашева Анна Андреевна
МАОУ СОШ №1 г. Окуловка Новгородской области
Ученица 11 класса, занимаюсь баскетболом и волейболом, английским языком, люблю животных, постоянная участница предметных олимпиад, призер районных и областных олимпиад по биологии, английскому языку, русскому языку и физике. Мечтаю объездить весь мир.
Peretno: past and present
In the past Peretno used to be an interesting and active place. There was a college here with 200 students, hostels, a boiler-house, a cafe. There was a cattle farm. Students grew vegetables. Most families had 3 and more children. Nowadays everything has changed. Unfortunately, Peretno has become a dying out village. The college and the farm stopped its work in 1990s . A lot of inhabitants died. Young people left the village. Only 38 people live in Peretno now, mostly pensioners. There are only 3 children here. Boredom… Unemployment… Old and sick people… It’s a face of my village today. But the village revives in summer. Many visitors from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novgorod come to Peretno this season. There is an only shop here, no drugstore. Mobile and the Internet connection is bad.
Page of history
At the beginning of the 19th century Peretno belonged to ancient Russian landowners Musiny-Pushkiny. They had two manors. In 1812 Troitskaya Church was built by Varvara Alekseevna Musina-Pushkina . A classical church is typical for that time. Domes, large windows make church attractive. The church is successfully entered the surrounding landscape. After 1917 the church was closed, but later it began to work again. Near the church there is a cemetery where Musina-Pushkina and her relatives were buried.
My opinion
My heart belongs to Peretno. I’d like life here to become better. Certainly, it’s a very wonderful place on the bank of a nice lake with fresh air and green forests. Nature is amazing. But it’s necessary to save it, not to destroy. I’d like the countryside to develop, the farm to begin its work again, young people to stay here. I love Peretno. I will never forget this small village… my native land…

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