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The aviation of Orenburg

Палов Кирилл Александрович
ГБУ ОШИ «Губернаторский многопрофильный лицей-интернат
для одаренных детей Оренбуржья»
In my childhood, as well as all my friends, I dreamed to become a pilot. My father often took me to Orenburg to show one of the oldest Military-air Forces educational institution - the Orenburg higher military - aviation Krasnoznamensk school of pilots by a name of I.S.Polbina. Having matured, I became seriously interested in this establishment.
The school reflects the history of the Moscow school of air fight and bombing. In August, 9th, 1922 it has been transferred in a city of Serpukhov situated near Moscow. V.P. Chkalov was the most known graduate of the school. Solemn opening of the school has taken place in November, 7th, 1927.
For the last years the school has passed big way, it has got wide experience of preparation for flight shots giving an average, and since 1960 a higher education. And in February, 1939 the school has been subdivided into two independent schools: the first Chkalovsky military aviation school of pilots of K.E.Voroshilov and the Second Chkalovsky military aviation school of navigators. Such division gave a chance to improve conditions of preparation of pilots and navigators.
The school has prepared ten thousand air fighters. The school brought up many of those whose feats have glorified the Soviet Native land, who succeeded in aviation science and techniques with new opening and achievements. The sixtieth years in the history of school were special. According to new requirements in the spring of 1960 the school got the status of a higher military aviation school of pilots.
In 1955-1957 Yuri Gagarin was a cadet of the school who made the first-ever flight in space in April, 12th, 1961. This and other facts force me to be proud not only of the given school, but also of our town in general. In August, 10th, 2011 Orenburg pilot school was 90 years.

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