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Welcome to Orenburg!

Лыпко Елена Васильевна
МОБУ «Лицей №7», г.Оренбург
Работа выполнена ученицей
10 «А» класса.
Учитель высшей квалификационной категории
Исмаилова Лариса Александровна.
Welcome to Orenburg, to the most beautiful and prosperous city in Russia! I was born in Orenburg. It’s my favourite city! If you walk around the city, you can feel the history at every step. People tried to found our town three times and finally it was built on the river Ural in 1743 by Nepljuev. The river Ural divides city in two parts: Europe and Asia. It’s amazing to stand on one side of the bridge in Europe and in 100 steps is Asia! Two parts of the world: two times, two cultures and between them there is one city. Our city is connected with the names of famous people. Such as, Pushkin, Gagarin, Rostropovich, Shevchenko, Yuri Gagarin was the first person of the world, who made the first flight in to space. He has finished our Orenburg Military Aviation School. Vladimir Vysotsky lived in the village Vorontsovka (Orenburg region) in his childhood. Mstislav Rostropovich – the violoncellist, is a well-known person in the whole world. He was born in Baku, but he moved to Orenburg with his family. Mstislav told: «Orenburg – is a city of my family, city of my love!» There are many historical places in my town. For example, have you ever met people of different nationalities on the same day? I think no. Welcome to Orenburg National Village! You can taste meals of different cultures. Our city is multy -cultural and multy -national. There live more than 130 nationalities in Orenburg. They keep up great variety of customs and traditions. Our lake Sol – Ilezk is a well – known place in Russia. Many people from different cities come to cure there. After visiting our Lake Sol-Ilezk they feel as newborn ones. My city is small but practically every building and every street have a tale to tell. I’m proud of my city and its history!

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